Thursday, October 08, 2015

ArcGIS Pro for .NET

ArcGIS Pro for .NET
The new arcgis pro sdk brings a new API for desktop development that’s very neat … think of it as superset to Runtime API. Templates and wizards are built-in already in Visual Studio 2013 (IDE) … making development work easier.

A lot of the cool features has got to do with async methods that’s customisable and works well with .NET WPF. It can easily be extended with Python and customisable with add-ins. Its also project based model … replacing the monolithic MXD that’s long served its purpose.

DAML file is the config for XAML (WPF) that basically configures the collection of ribbons and controls in ArcGIS Pro UI. MVVM model is already in-built for better user control and links to the model. The APIs are fine grained.

The GDB cursors have been completely rewritten to simplify the search, update and insert functions. Binding to property is easily implemented and results / operations are async for better performance.

ArcGIS Pro untuk .NET
Arcgis Pro SDK yang baru dilancar merupakan desktop API yang ditunggu sekian lama dan memperkenalkan pelbagai unsur kemas subset dari Runtime API. Ini sungguh berbeza dari COM … ArcObjects yang sudah lama dikaitkan dengan isu-isu prestasi. Template dan wizard kini terbina dalam Visual Studio 2013 (IDE) … menyenangkan kerja-kerja development.

Kebanyakan ciri-ciri menarik adalah berkaitan dengan process async yang disesuaikan penuh bersama .NET WPF. Dengan mudah ia dapat digabung bersama Python dan Add-In. Ia juga berunsur model projek menggantikan MXD yang sudah sekian lama mengakhiri usianya. 

DAML digunakan untuk konfigurasi XAML (WPF) yang merupakan koleksi ribbon dan control dalam produk ArcGIS Pro. Konsep MVVM juga disertakan dalam SDK untuk kawalan user control dan model dengan lebih rapat.

Kursor GDB juga diubah penuh untuk menyenangkan process pencarian, update dan insert. Binding kepada unsur property (dalam konsep WPF) boleh dilaksanakan dengan lebih mudah dan hasilnya async untuk prestasi lebih laju.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

gis in malaysia ... apa jadi

I told you so ...

Somehow when tragedy strikes ... lahad datu incursion, crashes, accidents, flood, water cut, power failure, political tsunami, pollution etc etc ... agencies scramble to understand the root cause. Why nobody questions the poor use of data??? Collection, assimilation, correction, analysis, planning, decision making and conclusion will never work without correct data. Understanding the use and value of maps and GIS data is critical in making good decisions, planning for crisis or avoid it in first place.

We have seen so many GIS projects fail ... I have worked with many departments and companies setting up systems, database and hardware ... consulting on project deliverable, developing strategies and even coding custom solutions. The biggest problem is data discipline, usage and governance. GIS projects end up costing millions of tax payers money with little or no return of investment ... and this surely frustrates ministries in awarding more GIS projects in future. The aim and mission is noble ... the execution normally fails. Maps have answers to many of the questions we ask ...

There's no shortcut to this ... we cannot simply rely on expensive software, hardware or even GIS specialists in solving the fundamental issue of data accuracy, relevancy and usability. We can have the best data model for our military, urban planning, transportation, energy, utility, land survey, environmental, plantation, petroleum ... but without populating it with good data ... its useless.  

I still have hope ...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

raining ...

ok ... here I am again ... sorry for the long hiatus. its been crazy busy with work ... and family life. anyway ... am free to write a bit now ... mainly coz looking out the window ... its mega jam again in KL ... and I mati oredi at work. some say its the water dragon year ... so all this rain is expected ... well its global warming lah ... everything changes ... including the US election. we have less forests, more pollution and bigger population ... mother earth cannot take it ... she's crying. am gonna make a big change soon ... finally getting a tablet ... contemplating either iPad or Samsung Note. I can see how much its changing lives these days ... and no more a nice thing for kids to have. Phone not changing though ... that will remain a cheap reliable rm50 nokia :D

Monday, July 04, 2011

statistics and numbers ...

I have a few good ideas for anyone interested in GIS Masters thesis / technical books ... hope some of you might take it up with good funding. If you're in the habit of pleasing lecturers and pengarahs with their warped sense of research techniques, plagarising internet materials and copying other peoples papers ... please don't continue reading this. You need to be unbiased, independent, hard working, creative and professional ... I know its hard to find graduates or analysts like this in Malaysian universities or gov agencies these days ... but its worth a try.

Research 1 - Analysis, Economic Impact and Planning of Public Transportion for Klang Valley using GIS (special focus on MRT).

Research 2 - Future of Healthcare policies and Emergency Response management with GIS statistics for Urban Planning in Malaysian major cities.

Research 3 - Understanding Employment, Economics and actual Race economics in Peninsular Malaysia using GeoSpatial empirical analysis.

Research 4 - Analysing climate change and pollution with emphasis on forest and plantation management in Malaysia using GIS statistical methods

Research 5 - Utility planning and regulatory improvements for water and waste management in Selangor with GIS data models

I would recommend anyone pursuing these studies to obtain RM$5-10 million grant from the gov ... it will prob take 4-5 years to complete each of this with proper international peer review, technical software, data collection, documented analysis methods, qualified research assistants and most of all unlimited access to all government agencies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GIS in Malaysia ...

Talking to an old industry friend recently ... he raised a few important questions:

1. Why GIS companies in Malaysia propose excellent shiny projects ... but there's no follow through?? everyone (esp sales) only aim to win the mega tender ... but why not make it a sure win 5-10 years down the road?? how come success is only measured by short term project deliverability … but not long term user satisfaction or department productivity?? How will the government or public support GIS anymore with these failed (and overpriced) projects???

2. why Malaysian universities churning out GIS graduates who can't speak or write good English? why graduates these days not willing to work (and think) hard like us before ... but so very clever to demand high salary and benefits? They always think so great of themselves ... talk big ... when in reality otak udang. not much original work ... too much 'copy and paste' ... too little creativity … cannot communicate and worse of all … damn lazy.

3. whatever happened to the art in GIS? making great maps is a prestigious, satisfying and proud profession ... sadly the quality of maps in this country is getting worse. how much pride do we still have in making good (readable) maps? Sometimes I wonder if these so called mappers (GIS) are really colour blind ... totally outrageous color choices, disgusting fonts, messy labeling and elementary cartography skills.

Ask yourself please ... are you proud to be in this industry? Do you have the right GIS skills? Trust me ... if its money you're after ... find another job / business.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

things to look out for ArcGIS 10

1. edit using map templates -
feature templates define the geometry, attribution and symbology. its also useful to use the new construction tool ... and editing 'tooltip' during mapping.
2. borrow licenses - you can check out licenses and take your GIS work home. this is definitely useful for some of us ... we tend to work better late nights at home with lotsa coffee. in the era of flexi working hours ... this license is long overdue ... I also think its more productive to work when you are in the 'zone' :-)
3. ArcPy - I don't think its fully complete yet ... but the latest Python package includes a mapping module that interacts with map documents. creating map series from indexes will help bulk map production workflows for sure

Thursday, January 06, 2011

arcgis 10 ... 2011

Alamak ... so long since I updated this blog ... busy with work (and riding). happy new year old and new readers (hopefully still interested) ... wishing everyone healthy, prosperous and peaceful new year.

Before 9.3 (and turbo 9.3.1) settled in ... we have ArcGIS 10. I wasn't too impressed with the speed of this release (see how fast Arc10 service pack 1 released) ... its better ESRI really test and debug thoroughly ArcGIS software before actual release. Release should be in 3 year cycles ... not 2 releases in a year ... very disruptive and unproductive for technical ppl like us. A lot of precious man hours wasted updating service packs and re-installing ... job security for some consultants (and ESRI developers) I suppose. Also it really doesn't help if hardware, graphic card and RAM needs serious upgrading for Arc10 ... if the release was planned properly large agencies can budget and plan hardware refresh better (don't say I didn't warn about the hardware spec upgrade for Arc10).

Arc10 has new features long overdue ... mainly the new editing environment (templates, toolbar, mini-toolbar), selections and snapping. I really think all this should have been featured in Arc92 ... I was promoting these features from my earlier blogs too ... editing was really bad in comparison to AutoCAD and Microstation. ArcPy and Python in Arc10 looks promising ... especially since it can interact with ArcMap interface better now ... am not too sure how it will replace the popular VBA but its in the right step. Python still has to communicate with COM classes to make things run in ArcMap ... so am not too sure how much faster scripts will run. Map Navigation and the new display accelerator does a good job too ... not really that impressive because other software packages have it already ... its about time ArcGIS caught up ... the display refresh and white end-corners when panning / moving has always been a thorn for ArcGIS.

I've not really looked at other stuff yet. Will keep you folks updated ...

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

malaysia boleh ker ...

I think there's way too much talk on politics, racism and bumi rights in Malaysia these days. There's not enough understanding, maturity and tolerance anymore. Don't be fooled by politicians ... they dance like lalangs (or cobras) ... all for their own selfish greed … constantly raising unnecessary fear among us to gain better control.

Well unfortunately … we can't live without politicians ... even cockroaches exist and survive whether we like it or not. Why are they like that ah? Politicians are the best pretenders (which explains so many actors becoming politicians) ... extremely greedy for easy life without working hard (addicted to luxury and 7 star service) … master liars (uses the poor and deserving only for newspaper covers, demonstrations and RTM news).

We can’t move on, improve and compete without removing these old chronic obstacles. Notice how the rakyat bow and kiss politicians hands these days? They are ‘wakil rakyat’ not sultans … elected to serve the ppl … the ‘new colonialist syndrome’... absolute power mentality. Many ignorant voters don’t realize … they are mere puppets for their political masters … useful only during elections and demonstrations.

Why our education, healthcare, security, public services and competitive edge keeps slipping over the years? What happened to the great manufacturing / semiconductor factories, agriculture industry, mining and natural resources, top class education??? We were the best in Asia at one time. Politicians blame the rakyat … rakyat blame the politicians … I blame ourselves. Nobody's friendly to neighbours, understand other religions, considerate to unfortunate (yes ... you too disable warriors) … cliché as it may sound … the future is in our hands (i.e. age group 18-40) . Malaysia has changed more than we know … it never can be the same … no point looking at the past ... your can hear knocks on door to the future ... the sooner we realize this … the easier to move forward.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ESRI data 9.3

ESRI Data is an annual dataset that comes with ESRI Software. Its distributed in 5 set DVD. The most significant change is StreetMap USA with 2003 TeleAtlas data.

In the World dataset (besides cities, countries, admin lines) we also have Time Zones, UTM Zones, Lat-Long grids. It also has 20GB of elevation and imagery data (majority of this from NASA and NGA's SRTM dataset).

World Elevation Data includes ETOPO2 (2x2 minute elevation) and ETOPO30 (30 Arc Second). Image data includes Landsat imagery for various regions.

There's a lot of US based data too (i.e. StreetMap, Census, Demographics). US data has better scale than the rest ... with better accuracy too.

Using this data complements local datasets but the scales might be too small for areas outside US. Check out World at Night images ... awesome stuff.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flash Builder 4 (or Flex Ver 4)

Recently Adobe released Flash Builder 4 … and for those working with Flex … this is a significant release … especially the integration with Flash Catalyst. I suppose after years of working with IMS, ArcGIS Server and Open Source GIS … Flex really leaves a great first impression (and still does now)... a giant leap for me personally after years of toiling with Java, .NET, ASP etc. I got so confused (and mental) with ASP.NET and the whole JavaScript integration. I think most web developers (maybe UI crazy ones like me) prefer fast prototyping IDEs with great graphics and animation. We should not be stuck with confusing callbacks and server side codes.

Here are some cool links and tutorials … be prepared to blow your mind:
Flash Catalyst (to create UIs for Flash Builder 4) -

Flex 4 or now known as Flash Builder 4 online training videos:

Also ESRI has released Flex 1.3 with some new features and sample codes. I can’t wait for ESRI Flex 1.4 … this will support online web editing. Suppose its bye-bye Web ADF and sayonara Java after this. Finally something we can develop with cool Web GIS design in mind and not boring old interfaces.